5 Art Podcast Not To Miss This Year

Posted on April 10th, 2021 10:33 AM

Bored in the continuous lockdown session? Want to explore something phenomenal? Here’s your chance! Come inside the world of podcasts where 16+ active million users are there and especially get into the world of Art with these top 5 podcasts not to miss in 2021! These captivating, knowledgeable podcasts will be your perfect entertainment in the long days. Podcasts can be a great help in knowing the history & whereabouts of the art world.


1. Art Curious: When we listen to the term ‘art history’ it seems boring but Jennifer Dasal in her podcast brings out the enthralling elements of the art world & its rich history. Started in 2016 she brings out the topics like: ‘Is the Mona Lisa in the Louvre fake?’ and shares the stories telling that people need to know more about this interesting art world.

2. Artists Helping Artists: Do you ever want to discuss with gallerists, artists, and other people who have experience in the art world about how to boom in the art market as an artist? Don’t worry! Leslie Saeta has got you covered! You can even join the conversation by dialing this number: 646-915-9243 every Thursday; 9 am.

3. Art Talk: Art talk on Apple Podcast with the actor Russell Tovey & gallerist Robert Diament hosting the show having the world’s leading artists, collectors, and curators on board with them. Explore the breakthroughs of artists and their life with personal, social, and political interpretations all around.

4. The British Museum Podcast: The mass evacuation on The British Museum 1941 is considered to be one of the biggest art evacuations in the world of art. Listen to the stories and behind the scenes of moving thousands of antiques, artworks, and pieces from one place to another, and what problem did they encounter? It’s pretty interesting to know about it. 

5. National Gallery Of Art: The major events and discussions that happened in the National Gallery of Art with renowned authors, art historians, and curators are interesting to know. It chooses a piece of art in every episode of the podcast in the National Gallery of Art and discusses its various arenas and aspects related to it.

These are the top 5 podcasts that are knowledgeable and astounding in terms of discussing the art world! Don’t wait! Hit the start button and relax with your wine. 


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