Abstract Paintings for Sale this Holiday Season – Here are Your Top Options!

Posted on December 23rd, 2019 06:28 PM
Abstract Paintings for Sale

Art is open to imagination and opinion, and what may be art to one, maybe something different to the other. This is especially true for abstract art, which many find difficult to interpret, as often, the thought patterns of the artist is unclear. This means that the pieces do not define anything particular in the visual reality, rather use various colors, forms and shapes to depict the artists' interpretation of an event, a thought, dream, etc.

The holiday season is a time for cheer and gifts, and also for decorating homes, and splurging on items that have been ion the lists, but not on the top priorities list for the year. This holiday season, you can think of buying the most adventurous and also serene abstract art, which can add a touch of ambiguity to the home decoration, and also do very well as gift items for loved ones and family. Some of the tops options as Abstract Paintings for Sale to buy, from a selection of abstract artists, are discussed briefly below:

Harshit Vaishnav

Harshit Vaishnav is an abstract artist with these paintings, which are part of a series. Some of these Abstract Paintings for Sale are discussed briefly below.

Untitled , 4, & 9

These are exceptional abstract pieces are part of a series, depicting the artist's dreams and unfulfilled desires; dreams can be based on the real-life events or deep-seated desires and emotions of the soul and is a culminated reflection of the present, past and future of the artist. All the art is mixed media on paper.

Srikant Lalasaheb Kadam

Srikant Lalasaheb is an artist, expressing abstraction in a contemporary form through geometric depictions.

Untitled VII, VIII & IX

These paintings are expressions of nature and the changing seasons, which are cleverly depicted with geometric shapes and splashes of tastefully selected colors. They painting try to reach across to the audience to express the artist's emotional connection with Mother Nature. The paintings are acrylic on canvas.

Sandeep Kumar Meghwal

A renowned and reputed artist, his Abstract Art Painting is the depiction of infinite ideas in the finite form.


The artist has numerous thoughts and emotions that cannot be contained on any canvas; these thoughts and emotions cannot be reconciled in any manner or form, and that is what the artist has expression through this painting. This is mixed media on canvas.

Amit Kalla

A critically acclaimed poet and an artist, his rendition of the abstract is spiritually intuited and inspired by nature.


The painting is an expression of nature through clear geometric lines and patterns in a contemporary form. The bright and colorful painting is full of cheer and will do well in classic and elegant settings.

Vimmie Manoj

The artist is self-taught and has won global recognition due to her unusual style with bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors. The painting is an acrylic on canvas.


The painting is inspired by multitudinous emotions that women go through in relationships and their struggles to overcome a patriarchal system, holding the back from liberation.

These are the only some of the top options that are available for customers; there are numerous other artists with their interpretation of life, which is then expressed through the contemporary Abstract Art Painting.

Abstraction has its roots in the intuitive capabilities of the artist which allows them to discern beyond the tangible matter in life; offering full freedom and leaving art open to various interpretations based on separate points of view. This means that there is no right way to look at the art and understand it, and that is what it makes one feel that is important. Art is based on emotive qualities of man, and abstract art ensures that there is a freedom of interpretation, which makes none right or wrong.    


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