Art Lovers - Woman Figurative Paintings Options for you this Year 2020

Posted on February 4th, 2020 05:03 PM
Women Figurative Paintings

Women figurative paintings have emerged to become one of the most popular favorites in the art scene today. These paintings give you a glimpse of the female psyche as well as throws light on relevant issues that cannot be expressed better than when they are in the form of brush strokes. Every painting portrays an exploration of imaginative expression at its best even as it has its roots in real-world subjects.

Here are a few of these women figurative paintings that are sure to capture your attention this year and are bound to evoke the exact same feelings.

S.A Vimal Nathan - Desire Nude Painting

As a freelance artist, S.A Vimalnathan is inspirational and well-known for his sketching and painting abilities. This is witnessed in the Desire Nude Painting as well. His unique style of expressionism draws you to the aesthetic beauty of the female nude. The exquisite texture of the feminine curves is well concealed with subtle drapes that add an inscrutable vibe to the paintings which work to its advantage. While being abstract in its expression, the painting signifies the importance of the expression of original thoughts and feelings that are involved through observation.

It is a delightful blend of mystery, creativity and sensuality, elements that add a mystical feel to the painting. The play on colors, strong strokes, and flowing waves is an ode to the vision and sensuality of women in their truest form.

Naval Singh Chauhan – Lady & the Rain

With a medium that revolves around acrylic on canvas, the ‘Lady & Rain’ painting by Naval Singh Chauhan is an abstract figure that evokes a somber yet liberating feeling. Its dark, mystical vibe is an expression of how one cannot really fathom the workings of the female mind in all its intricacies. Its brush strokes are haphazard yet there is a design to them while its play on colors brings on a peaceful and serene feeling that induces a certain sense of calm and tranquility.

Naval Singh Chauhan has a knack for drawing and bringing to light instances and feelings that society at large has turned a blind eye towards. The paintings, as a result, have a familiar yet alien emotion of being wild with nature, one with nature, in its truest yet most powerful form.

Banadana Kumari- Golden Couple

The Golden Couple or Lion Couple painting by Bandana Kumari reflects power, authority, and supremacy in its truest form. With a conceptual and contemporary style, the painting also relates to the world’s first couple, Adam and Eve. While the lion is a personification of Adam and comes with motifs of a bear, elephant, tiger, and horse - all of which are powerful animals - the female has the face of a lion that is covered in motifs of deer, the moon, butterflies and stars that portray the subtleness yet fierceness of a female, who when called upon, can also take the form of a lion.

Banadana Kumari’s play on colors brings out a ferocious yet potent vibe. It has an attractive color scheme going for it while its detailed work leaves every detail to the imagination. Its intricate detailing and powerful stance is also a call to the hierarchy that is also masked in a tribal community and folk elements. It brings to light the elements of nature and the manner in which they exist in humankind.

One can choose from this extravagant and soul-stirring list of painting options that portray women figures in all their mesmerizing glory. You can select from the best collections to Shop Nude Paintings so that you walk away with a painting that truly speaks to you on every level. 


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