Artists are Lockdown With Paints in their Mind

Posted on May 19th, 2020 11:01 AM
Artist Lockdown in Coronavirus

The world is suffering from epidemic tragedy so people are Lockdown in their houses for months.

Every proficient person is working from home or passing his time by doing activities at his place rather than going out at some other place. Even artists are Lockdown with paints in their minds. Artists' ideas are depicted by paints and brush plays the story on canvas. Artists need a place where they can freely paint on canvas taking an idea from the environment around them but nowadays artists quarantine paints in their minds can be egress on the canvas taking ideas from their houses.

A blank canvas can be their artwork or no space left and even canvas can be quarantined with the thoughts. The bright color is going to give hope to the viewers; dark colors will be depicting the on-going mother earth’s children's condition.

Artists are not the ones who paint on the canvas even a 5-year-old kid is an artist playing with colors on sheets and walls. Artists are Lockdown with paints in their minds. People are expressing their ideas and posting their paintings online. Some online competitions are going on social media and cash price is being transferred in winners account. Some paintings are expressing the ongoing problem where people fighting with corona are depicted. Some nature related paintings are being created, paintings of god and goddess, every artist is painting his/her feelings on the canvas. Art and craft help in distracting the mind from the negative thoughts and pandemic going around. Painting helps to clear the mind and make the person feel better.

Remember when everything stopped in the darkest days when everything stopped, you turned into an artist.

This period of self-isolation is ideal for Art to blossom. Artists can concentrate 100% on their interiors and no need to choose what to capture on the canvas from the outside world. Artists are numerous paintings for their Art Gallery Collection. Artists are free from the pressure of deadlines and completing work on time. Artists can paint the passage of time inside their house and outside their house. The world outside their window has become an inspiration for showing their skills with a brush on the canvas.

Abstract art is the way of expressing thoughts that does not show the direct link with the world or not easily understood as it is made with freehand strokes and patterns. Some artists use this form for painting.

Different styles of Art are being used around the world :-

 1. Visual art,

 2. Contemporary,

 3. Pop Art,

  4. Cubism, 

 5. Surrealism,

 Indian style paintings which are considered folk art, etc. Nowadays some artists are taking it as the opportunity to escape from reality and can practice different styles and improve their skills in this no demanding schedule.


Painting has the power to speak the language that is both visual and visionary. The artist once told his sister that isolation was “sometimes as hard to bear as an exile”—but was necessary “if we want to work”.


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