Collectors Favorite: 5 Paintings on a Canvas

Posted on December 19th, 2020 04:16 PM
Collectors favorite: 5 Paintings on a Canvas

Let the bold strokes of color do the talking. Sip the expensive wine you have been saving while you and your recipient of the gift marvel at the diverse artworks taking over spare walls. Let’s take a look at the artworks which seem both to pose a question & to make a statement. Whether it is mantel or in the living-room, these paintings are for admiration. Discover our remarkable emerging artists showcasing the talent of impeccable design and be ecstatic to own a magnificent piece of original art in a wide range of style, medium, and price.

‘Tis the time to be joyful. Let your loved ones think of you when they take a look at the painting. You can give the utmost happiness wrapped in a gift paper to your loved ones by giving them a piece of art. Give them something different, something phenomenal. A beautiful fusion artwork that can be hanged in the living room would make the perfect gift. It will always remind them of you and the significance of the painting needs no word. 

1. Desire Nude Painting - S.A. Vimalnathan

This unique original artwork by internationally recognized emerging artist S.A Vimalnathan is a riveting account of the desires and sensuality of a woman, a painting full of unanswered questions; an exquisite treatise on account drawn from the artist’s mind. The emotions associated with the paintings were tied to the inner liberation of the women as a whole. The imagination associated with it is the product of the infinite vastness surrounded by her body language. The texture of this artwork speaks volumes and is made from fabric

Browse works of S.A Vimalnathan work:

2. Ravi Kattakuri – Lotus and Petite Girl

Our emerging artist from the international marketplace, Ravi Kattakuri working on mix-media creates a visage that is full of surprise and coyness which appears to steal a desire from the encapsulated frame to captivate the spectator. The attention to detail speaks of the exuberance of the artist, as well as his ambition for the painting. All his works capture the spirit of humanity, the popping out of colors depict the variation of vibrancy which he uses. His works are deeply enrooted with nature and the compositions create a geometrical image out of the glorious nature with colors popping out in your space beckoning us with a variety of geometry shapes. 

Browse works of Ravi Kattakuri:

3. Bandana Kumari – Vighakarni

The vibrant color of this painting overwhelms the viewer. The harmonies of motifs portray the desire to tempt the man. ‘Vighakarni’ by our emerging artist Bandana Kumari, she is the master of using 2500 years folk art form called ‘Madhubani’ which embraces complex geometric patterns with rarely a blank space left on the canvas. Women of the Madhubani folk art community use this art form with vibrant colors to create awareness on social issues and empower women with its strong subject. 

Browse works of Bandana Kumari:

4. Naval Singh Chauhan – Lady & Rain

Figurative abstract artwork that flows with subtle expressions through a human form made by our celebrated artist: Naval Singh Chauhan depicting the vastness of mind, breathing with color, movement, and depths. It begins with the internal process and reaches outside determining the individuality which has been a huge part of Naval’s journey. The attention to detailing in this succulent artwork expresses the assorted emotions of a feminine mind. The vibrant colors coupling with the personage of human life is covering the canvas with brushstrokes which enables the viewer to completely engage with the artwork.

Browse works of Naval Singh Chauhan:

5. Kanishkh Mehta – Evenings

It is a monumental work; a visual treatise on the art of painting. You feel as though you have become part of this painting. The confident brushwork depicts the evening sky, manipulating our imagination with color sweeping through the air. The artwork is chosen as a mark of northern lights, the coming of Christmas, and a fresh start for New Year revealing glimpses of what lies ahead beyond the sky. This artwork is a ploy to hold the eye and direct our gaze further illuminating our vision. This original abstract art is for sure to arouse your curiosity making you rekindle your emotions.

Browse artworks of Kanishkh Mehta:

From the etched desire and liberating flow of nude artworks on canvas by S.A. Vimalnathan; to the never-ending details and intriguing mystery from Ravi Kattakuri; to an effort to mend the seams of humanity with bold statements on social issues and a different view portrayed by Bandana Kumari; the vastness of mind determined by Naval Singh Chauhan and glimpses at new beginnings in strokes like that of aurora for the good that is to come by Kanishk Mehta,  gift these little tokens of significance and admiration to your loved ones. 

These artworks don’t just take over the walls as decorative pieces, they make a statement in a room, speak volumes for the ground one stands on, and spark a debate. This holiday season brings home an original art or gift a piece to your loved ones.


The artworks selected by our collectors’ favorite series aims to showcase the talent which these up and coming artists have. Enjoy your interiors; order with our website or you can buy it from Etsy or eBay as well. We believe in the gesture of giving an art piece with the feeling of gratitude, with each artwork purchased we present you with a souvenir and hope to make your purchasing experience one-of-a-kind and memorable one.

Happy Holidays! 


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