Colors and Emotions : How Pantone Color Classic Blue 19-4052 of The Year 2020 Impacts Your Life?

Posted on January 15th, 2020 04:37 PM

Colors we paint with, wear and like are often an indicator of who we are and what’s happening around us!

There’s a strong relation between color and emotions. Colors make you feel sad, happy, relaxed, energized or hungry. An artwork created with different colors or just one creates a different energy. Warm colors like red, orange and yellow make you feel happy and energetic while cool colors like green, blue and purple are soothing. Therefore along with form, line, texture, pattern, etc, artists choose colors very careful.

Ever noticed abstract paintings? They have different colors and the way they are united affects the viewers. Often the meaning of a painting is wrapped up in a color. For example, a large red painting will look different if a yellow dot is added to it, meaning a little smudge can change the entire meaning and composition of a painting.

Isn’t all this deep and interesting, how each color, tone, tint changes the observation. Not only this, some people can see color and imagine the sound that accompanies it, or vice versa. That same thing happens with other olfactory senses. We can call it a synaesthesia reaction to the future of colors.

But when we have plenty of colors things get complicated and this when Pantone Color System comes to rescue.

What is the Pantone Color System and how it helps?

Originated in 1963, Pantone is an important color matching system in the world. It helps classify, communicate and match colors. The knowledge of color Pantone holds is unparalleled due to which experts, artists, influencers, etc. look for Pantone color of the year.

The first Color of the Year was selected back in 2000, but until 2007 color trend forecasting did not take on a life of its own. And since then Pantone has been offering inspirational color combinations. This year Classic Blue is the Pantone Color of the Year 2020, a calming shade of azure. A color that’s omnipresent and you can rely on.

Why Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue?

As technology continues to race ahead of humanity, having a color that is elegant and simple was required. And what can be better than Pantone 19-4052 hashtag #COY2020.

A color that promises protection, is relatable, highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation as we cross the threshold into a new era. Pantone color of the year brings a sense of peace and tranquillity to the human spirit offering refuge. Like other Pantone color of year #COY2020 will also standout.

To begin with, Globe Skateboards have partnered with The Pantone Institute to create a set of 100 limited edition boards.

How Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue will help Artists?

Sea and Sky since the beginning of time have filled everyone with hope. Indication of which can be perceived in most famous paintings. Sky antedate eternity and ignites a magical world of dreams essential for imagination, while the grandeur of sea intensifies a profound feeling of admiration and strength. All of which is vivacious and makes the work of art more believable. Without a question, this restful color will bring a sense of direction, peace to the human spirit. In applications related to art, Classic Blue will bring Ethereal Elements to life in both depths of color and motion by providing sparkle and brilliance. The hue can be easily applied across the canvas to express tradition, stylishness, and boldness. Moreover, artists at ArtWhitecanvas will show how interconnected aspects of humanity are. This will make, viewers rethink to care, seek a healthy mind and soul.

An earthy color always makes you feel whole and paves a way to innovation. It makes you feel safe and sensitive. This year you will see the Pantone color of the year in our paintings at ArtWhiteCanvas. Keep checking our site for more connected paintings.


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