Emerging Artist of the Year: Artists Capturing the Flow of Expression

Posted on January 19th, 2021 03:22 PM

Life is a dull ache without art. We have seen overwhelming evidence, especially during the pandemic. The only things keeping us sane were movies, series, music, cooking, painting, dancing, yoga, and more. These are all various art forms. And we need them, if not desperately. While utilizing art, let us make sure to support local and emerging artists. 
We have thoughtfully curated a list of five emerging artists of the year who beautifully capture the flow of expression. They are all from different disciplines of art and have so much to offer. 
Let us go ahead and see who is number one on our list.

Shiv Kumar Soni

As Shakespeare quoted ‘ And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel and shining morning face, creeping like snail’ in the seven stages of life. This emerging artist has depicted childhood in unimaginable ways by using motifs like kites, toys, puppies, games, birds, and an innocent child. His artworks are a collection of childhood imagination mixed with gay colors.

Kanishk Mehta

Inspired by the nature and surroundings of the forest; Kanishkh Mehta has found solace in the detailings of nature and embedded his concepts into the canvas. His abstract painting series depict exchanges that made him observe the tide and ebb of space in the quintessential rhythm of time. There is much that happens in the vast nothingness of this space, which is present both within and around us, where everything arrives in its space gently, timely, completely.

Sekar Roy

With his hands-on figurative paintings; using vibrant colors to show the god’s best creation - humans. Inspired by folklore and mythology with the tales of gods; our celebrated artist has developed a unique style of his own. If you’re looking for vibrancy in your space with a tint of traditionality; browse Sekar Roy’s artwork.  

Dharmendra Kumar

  Dharmendra has spent most of his time in his village in India observing animals and their behavior. With minimal and conceptual understanding of humans and animal figures; his concepts speak volumes about his love for domestic animals. I have observed remarkably one thing in his work and that is the beauty and visual appeal of his distorted paintings. the observation he has made as a child in the animal fair has deeply inspired the artist and it reflects in his work with beautiful colors and textures. If you’re looking perfect piece of painting on a wall; you must browse Dharmendra Kumar’s artworks.

Chhavi Sharma

Using cubism in her concepts, she showcases the art of inner feelings with facial expression. Every artwork is blended with the hidden concept of realism in it. With intriguing details of cubes all around the paintings, her paintings speak about mother nature in every aspect. Browse all her artworks in the ‘all paintings’ section on www.artwhitecanvas.com
These were emerging; enthusiastic artists of the year. It is almost impossible to not fall in love with their art. From the expression to yearning to clarity to being human, they have covered everything. Do go show them love and support them. Every little act counts. Long live art!


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