Here are the 10 Most Expensive Artworks Selling of 2020

Posted on January 25th, 2021 10:28 AM

Each and every stroke of an artist showcases a new story. Every artist is a master of his own segment, the said artwork can be conceptual art or even an abstract one.  Our artists are able to sketch the entire world with the beauty of their brush strokes. These artwork paintings become quite precious and expensive too with the dedicated efforts of their creators. These artworks appeal to the eyes of the viewers and let them decorate their homes/workplaces with the uniqueness of the artist’s creativity. We have sorted the 10 most expensive artworks sold in 2020 for you-

Symphony-2 Music Folk Art

Being the most precious creation of God, humans are the most valuable combination of intelligence and creativity which is capable to draft innovations. The combination of courage and astuteness by which they have drawn closer and set up their incomparability among others. This is my perception and I generally put my strokes particularly and strikingly to feature God's best creation.


Tune of Benaras-1 Conceptual Art

Ordinarily, every individual is a blend of dynamic tones. It implies the various shades of various mindsets. With this folk art, the artist aims to draw a variety of shades of a human with a consistency to fulfill them. That is the reason I like to utilize brilliant tones to portray their bliss.



Crafted over deep yellow space, this acrylic art is conceptualized in abstract and contemporary art. Created by Mr. SHRIKANT LALASAHEB KADAM, this abstract artwork is an expression that comes out from a creative blend of geometric expressions.



In this artistic creation, the artist, Bandana Kumari demonstrated the world's initial two people, ADAM, and EVE, where Adam has the body of a human and the essence of a lion and the female, has the substance of a lioness and her body is covered with themes of, butterflies, deer, moon, and stars that portray the delicate quality of a female.


Symphony-3 Folk Art

This artistic creation is a blend of folk art created over a musical theme. In this artwork, 4 women are holding traditional musical instruments that look like tanpura/banjo with some mridangam on the front. 


Symphony-1 Folk Art

This artistic creativity is another composition of folk artwork based on a traditional music themes.  The artwork showcases five traditionally dressed women having tablas in the front and each of them playing mouth organs with their own.



This pop art work is an expression of mixed media creation. Crafted beautifully by Mr. Ravi Kattakuri, the artwork showcases two twins decorated in distinct dresses. This artwork is a combination of various butterflies, flowers, and peacocks that lit up the artwork’s beauty.



Through this artwork, Shuvankar Biswas wants to convey a very clear message that even if now humans will not consider nature’s importance then the entire world will turn into a desert. To portray whole world I had covered celebrated landmarks from all up world in the desert. Here I had indicated bull executing a man which is an arrangement of plants, urban areas, individuals and so on It implies in the event that we don't make move to ensure nature today than nature will complete all that one day and there will be a crisp start by and by



The artist, Shuvankar Biswas shows superpower, power, animosity against shades of malice of society with its artwork. The disparity in the public eye, my own apprehensions, and willful cutoff points have shaken my internal being such a lot that I needed to free myself and society from that, however, I don't have such superpowers, so I decided to communicate my internal identity through my compositions.



Beautifully crafted by Deepali Sharma, this artwork – Bachpan speaks out from this impressive creation.  This artwork is a blend of Surrealism, Conceptual and Illusion style. The artwork by Deepali Sharma deliberately used her brush strokes to remind the viewers of their childhood.


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