How to make Pixel Art?

Posted on May 23rd, 2020 10:50 AM
How to Make Pixel Art ?

Have you recently come across a pixel art - an art made and edited with computer software tools and without use of any real brush , paints or hands ?

Have you ever thought of learning such art on your own, but haven’t found a way to start?

Pixel art is nothing more than simple Oil paintings, gouache, or pencil drawing. Therefore, first advice for those who are thinking of achieving mastery in this art, I would recommend you to know basic computer skills. Moreover, if you do love drawings and arts and possess some oil painting skills.

Now, what you have to keep in mind before starting , is that pixel art is not resizable, i.e. you won’t be able to resize your pixel art after creating it. Therefore, you should be very careful before starting to draw your character.

5 Pro Tips for the Beginners:-

Here are some basic tips for Beginners seeking a way for creating pixel arts.

Use a suitable program

Pixel arts are drawn on a software tool, therefore, no matter whether or not you are a beginner or professional, you would be needing software. Therefore, the first piece of advice for beginners would be to choose a program that could prove to be effective for the job.

Why? It is because every program has its own weaknesses and strengths. Ask yourself about your requirements; you might be needing layers, a preview window, and some of the basic tools. These options are available in most of the online tools; however, you should be cautious while choosing one. In case you are not aware of which tool to choose, here is a list of five tools:-





Graphic Gale

Use Gray canvas

Psychology says the perception of artists regarding brightness and colors gets strongly affected according to the context. There are numerous studies supporting this statement; these claims, this is how our brain works. 

Therefore, artists mostly prefer avoiding usage of high saturation backgrounds, such as white backgrounds. In this way, they attempt to avoid the strain on the eyes

Don’t ignore your knowledge regarding pixel and resolution of a computer

It is very important for the artist to keep in mind the size of the computer for which they are creating pixel art. This is because pixel arts aren’t resizable. If you have built one, using low pixels and are trying to expand it, then you might suffer issues. 

So if pixel art with great pixels is good, then why not always follow this trend?

The reason behind not choosing this option is the time and memory constraints. A smaller canvas would consume less time to formulate and would take less memory of a system. 

Some of the most common and effective sizes for all kinds of pixel art include 480*272 with 16*16 rules and 48-pixel tall characters


Now, as we have discussed some of the common tips for making pixel art, we should also focus on some cautions while making one. One must always create pixel art with a student’s mindset.

Why? This is because a creative mind requires regular criticism to achieve perfection.

With a student attitude, you would always be able to adapt to the critics and make the required alterations.


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