Leading Artworks Of The Year: From Highlights of Curators’2021 Series

Posted on January 25th, 2021 10:17 AM

It's 2021, a fresh start everyone's been looking forward to. And, it is no different for the art front either. New events and exhibitions rolling out all that was realized in the past year and more, will be the gesture to appreciate the essence of life.

Better days ask for better opportunities, and this is exactly what this year shall bring for emerging artists around the world. And, since the world of art is ever-changing, the shifts in expression, perspectives, and beliefs are bound to revolutionize the way art is perceived, and we are more than excited for the scene. We are here highlighting some of the up-and-coming artists, with the promising depth you look for in a piece of art.

Dream Catcher: Bhavana Saxena

Get amazed by seeing the facets of nature all in one canvas. The flora and fauna rejuvenate the human spirit and even demands to stop analytical thinking and simply admire the feeling that we are strolling quietly through a natural forest. Shaped by empirical and rational thinking, the artist has created a powerful experience of great natural beauty that provides the mind with a precious memory one can visit anytime.

Shweta: Anshu Pancholi

With the symbol of creative and divine power, the artist has captured the essence for love of nature one holds dear to her, with powerful motifs of birds and flower all around her like a halo and the large canvases of Anshu Pancholi explores the spirit of knowing-ness with the protagonist of the artwork. Her works are mostly based on her indulgence with nature which creates a conceptual atmosphere in her paintings.

My Dreamland: Taslim Sona

This conceptual artwork made with ink is inspired by a village known for its tribal heritage where the artist lives in India. Her works are based on a semi-conscious state of mind influenced by the nature around us. It shows the closeness, the symbiotic association of tribals, and how they live together in a small place. today, we celebrate our emerging artist Taslim Jamal Sona who creates natural and expressive concepts through her paintings.

Serene Buddha: Kanchan Merawa

Above any kind of dogma, Buddhist principles teach us to follow one’s own happiness in metaphysical aspects of reality in this life as well as in reincarnation form. Get into a state of mind meditation and soothe your soul with this artwork; open your nihilistic perception and let the negative energy flow out with the coming out of optimization in your life.

Whether it's dream catcher-3 by Bhavana or serene buddha by Kanchan, all these stunning pieces speak to the stance each artist took with such bold colors and patterns. From conceptual to modern, nature and pop art, this wide-ranging collection will blur everything around you for a moment, leaving you astonished.

This active display of emotions and technique is what these emerging artists are all about and 2021 will certainly see more of such power statements.


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