This is the season - Here are five paintings for you to binge admire during the holidays!

Posted on December 9th, 2019 06:25 PM

Has it ever occurred to you, that some of the greatest artworks in the world can also trigger a large array of emotions?

The awe which one feels standing inside the iconic Louvre museum, surrounded by exquisite specimens of creativity of master artists, or admiring a Michelangelo fresco is telling - it shows how art invariably impacts our feelings and emotions.

From melancholy to ecstasy, the appearance of these feelings may be erratic but one should always respect the work of that creative genius which creates this epiphany for us.

Here is a list of art works which can make you, laugh, cry, love and at times just marvel at the incredible talent of the creative minds behind them.

Mona Lisa - The almost otherworldly painting by Leonardo Da Vinci is one such artwork which has inspired people and captured their imagination since the time it was drawn back in the 16 th century.

The one emotion which comes back again and again in context of this masterpiece is that of pure awe. Be it the mystery surrounding the art work about the identity of the subject or the numerous scientific elements such as different dimensions and seemingly hidden clues, the hype surrounding the painting has only increased over the years. The most potent emotion which one feels after seeing it for the first time is that of awe, followed by curiosity.

Starry night over the Rhone - One of the most famous artworks of Vincent Van Gogh, this painting makes you happy almost instantly. The eclectic colours, almost impossible beauty and perfect representation of a starry night, everything in the 19 th century painting is reflective of incredible talent which was Van Gogh.

The painting has over the years inspired many other forms of art, most notably the classic Don McLean songVincent, which opens with the line, ‘starry starry nights.’ Perhaps the biggest achievement of the painting is the way it changed the concept of colour scheme ever since it became famous.

Artists from all over the world have tried to emulate its style and incorporate elements from this famous masterpiece in their artwork. The cheery setup and the perfect depiction of the scene makes this one of the most famous paintings which also has the ability to cheer you up. The Starry Nights painting is available to view at MoMA Museum in New York.

The Weeping Woman - One of the most famous works of Pablo Picasso, as gauged by its name, The Weeping Woman is a painting which can turn your mood to that of melancholy. The multiple dimensions of the painting along with its almost graphic depiction of sorrow have intrigued scores of art lovers over the years.

Critics have also somehow related the concept of the painting being reflective of the societal injustice and discrimination that women have faced over the centuries. This is a painting which effortlessly exposes the grim realities of the society in Picasso’s unique style. Apart from being amongst the best recognized art works of Picasso, it is also noted for being way ahead of it’s time, raising issues such as women empowerment, which during the 1930s, when The Weeping Woman was created, were more or less foreign.

Sistine Chapel Ceiling - Painted by Michaelangelo, the entire ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is one of the best specimen of European Renaissance art. Created in the early 16 th century, it has the ability to instantly fill you with wonder. The beautiful frescos over the cornerstone of the ceiling have been immortalized by their many famous admirers who have written over it.

A treat for the art lover’s eyes, the art works on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is perhaps the greatest example of the large array of emotions which you feel on seeing the work of a master.

Woman with a Parasol - One of the most famous works of Claude Monet, Woman with a Parasol is an ode to companionship and love, which chances are you will realise once your gaze falls on this painting. Effortlessly depicting Monet's wife Camille and the couple’s son Jean, the painting is a wonderful example of a scene from our everyday life becominga masterpiece.

Everything, even the tiniest details, the umbrella, innocent gaze of the kid or the sight of the clouds gliding seem to be in perfect sync with each other. The painting comes alive to the true art junkie, and as you gaze at it, you start imagining the swish of Camille's dress, fluttering before the rustling wind or the shade that the umbrella offers under the French sun. Woman with a parasol is beauty personified at its purest.


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