What is vector art? - 2020 Guide for Vector Artwork

Posted on June 1st, 2020 05:17 PM
What is Vector artwork

What is vector art? -2020 Guide for Vector Artwork

Did you know a file of pdf format could also carry vector art, and without can preserve its scaling property even after 800% magnification?  No? There are more facts to know about vector art. Let’s start by knowing what does it mean and gradually understand it in a deeper sense.

It is a specific term used to address the images created with computer graphics defined with 2- dimensional points. These points are connected through a sequence of commands or mathematical statements that place lines and shapes in a given two dimensional or three dimensional space.

If by joining two or more points in a particular order an image can be formed then the points should possess particular positions on the X-Y plane, which is true in the case of vector art. The path connecting two dots also possesses different requirements, such as shape, curve, values of stroke color, and thickness.

These images are found in SVG, EPS, PDF or AI graphic file formats, unlike simple raster graphics; the file format of raster graphics is JPEG, PNG, APNG, GIF, and MPEG4. 

However, it is completely different from that of Geometric art.

Why is it important for you to learn about it? 

Well, I have been also brooding about the same, however, the answer was quite simple which needs no concern for you to brood. It is an attractive alternative way of printing techniques. 

Now if you compare this piece of image with a classic pixel artwork, then you can simply understand the benefits of using this technique. The size of the pixel artwork can’t be altered, therefore, it is necessary for developers to keep in mind a rough idea of the screen size of the computer or phones of the targeted consumers. 

Whereas, this is not the case with Vector art. You can alter the size of an image at any time without disrupting its integrity. The reason is the method of its creation. Precisely, a vector art makes use of mathematical formulas through which you won’t be able to compromise with the quality of the image or its resolution. 

Famous Vector Artist

There had been numerous artists who are famous for their artwork. Some of them are, Yukio Miyamoto; this amazing artist is famous for its astounding skills of creating images that seem so real that people think they could actually touch it. His 2-d work or should I say 2-d illusion is famous, as it never appeared less than a 3-d program. 

Another artist who gained massive fame in this field is Tom Whalen. He is famous for creating amazing comic books. He had been creating posters featuring comic characters since he was a child. His experiment of merging words, images, and designs into a cohesive unit was nothing but a result of his love for Marvel and DC. The flexibility with which data could be processed by Vector art and the possibility of easy editing attracted his attention; therefore, he started his career as a vector artist. 


Did I say the list ended? NO! It has yet not come anywhere near to it. The list of amazing vector artists seems never to cease to end. I wonder why? Maybe it is the astounding opportunities that this art brings along with it for its practitioners.

There are more opportunities then just opening your heart out; such as if you do have original art for sale,  then you can make money with your passion.


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