Durgesh Kumar Atal

I Grew Up In A Small Village In Rajasthan, To Get Myself Educated Had To Move Back To Urban Space. When I Came To The City Life There I Realized That How My Childhood Has Been Impacted From Village Life , Where Thing Are Simple & Connected To Nature . Now Thru My Artworks I’M Majorly Depicting On Rajasthan Village Lifestyle & People . In My Work I Use Realistic Approach To Show My Vision. In My Art Work I Am Show Case One Of The Major Element Of Rajasthani Culture Which Is Turbans . Thru My Charcoal Portrait Work I Have Shown Two Different Styles Of Turban Pali Style & Jodhpur.


23 September


- Masters In Visual Arts In Painting, 2017
- Bachelor Of Visual Arts In Painting, 2015  


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