Kanishk Mehta

The Past Couple Of Years Of Living And Working At The Studio, Gave Me The Opportunity To Engage In A Conversation With The Quiet Stillness Of The Surrounding Forests. These Exchanges Made Me Observe The Tide And Ebb Of Space In The Quintessential Rhythm Of Time. There Is Much That Happens In The Vast Nothingness Of This Space, Which Is Present Both Within And Around Us, Where Everything Arrives In Its Space Gently, Timely, Completely. Engaging With These Surroundings So Intimately, Provides One With The Time And Space To Observe It Closely; To Be Still And Witness In Awe As The Poetry Of Seasons Unfold And Nourish The Evolution Of A Space, Bursting With Life During Monsoons And The Summer Ripening The Greens Into Browns And Finally Bestowing Them To Dust. -The Quiet Process, The Life Of A Space. These Works Are My Response To The Silent Echoes That Speak To Me While I Sit Quietly With This Space And Sight.


- Diploma In Media  

Solo Shows


- Seasons,
- Hutheesing Visual Arts Centre, India


- Hussain Doshi Gufa, Horwitz Gallery, India Reminiscence,

Group Shows


- Visual Dialogue,
- Canarys National Art Foundation, India


- The Warehouse Group Show,
- Alert Hall, India


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