Naval Singh Chauhan

I portray the parts of nature in our artifacts which our society is busy eliminating from day to day. while no one is unaware of the fact that playing wildly with nature, wildlife is also putting in trouble, who depend only on the nature and nature alone. just as the continuous tree is being cut off by cutting the plants, many animals are cooked it is natural to be extinct of those who live their life on their own plants. but our society is busy ignoring all these things and merely messing with nature to meet their needs. we are people through our artwork. to take away the message from their busyness that we have to take care of our selfish interests along with those animal birds, which are completely nature it is dependent and our next generation will also face its misery in some places.


- BBachelor Of Fine Art, 2008
- Master Of Fine Art, 2010
- Slet Rpsc, 2010 


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