Pramod Prakash

The central theme of my work is “self introspection”. i pay special emphasis on highlighting this. other aspect that you will seein my works are “nature and society”.my concepts are guided by my father and our life in my nativevillage. he was a freedom fighter as well as a social reformer. for myfather, his country, society and village was predominant. the rightsand dues owed to them was something that my father fought forthroughout his village was an example of typical zamindari system. zamindarsruled village with social and economic and sexist subjugation.religion and gods were used by zamindars to promote the dogmasof father, used to migrate to various places to earn his livelihood. iused to miss him when he was away. but he migrated in search oflivelihood for us. it wasn’t just my father who migrated , the storywas the same for the entire village. almost all of the workforce inmy village migrated to cities like mumbai, delhi, surat, kolkata andespecially to punjab in search of livelihood. missing my father in mychildhood had an impact, thus migration became an emotionalsubject for melife in the city had similar vulnerabilities as life in the village.oppression by zamindars were replaced by oppression by the factoryowners or owners of business where they worked. i saw the toll ofmigration and oppression first hand. anyone who migrated for work,came back with serious ailments, their bodies showing the signs ofworking in harsh and demanding conditions. these were the peoplewho had no choice between “existing and surviving”. in addition totheir tussle to earn their livelihood, migration was also in search fortheir identity, self and sexual identity.migration means “a moving home”. economic well-being is animportant factor that is responsible for other activities like migration.struggle has its own beauty. every struggle in your life shapes youinto the person you become. i try to bring to life the “struggle”through paint. struggle has its own dimension, i have tried toshowcase the different aspects of “struggle”.


- B.A. (Fine) Degree in Painting Faculty of Fine Art, Gujarat, 1995
- Masters In Arts (Fine) Degree in painting Faculty of Fine Art, Gujarat, 1998

Group Shows


- International Art Symposium, Siwan The Many roads to difference exhibition of Art-Kerala Lalit Kala Akademi Art Gallery,


- Shilpotsav, Upendra Maharathi Shilp Anusandhan Sansthan,
- D.P. Dhar Memorial Trust, Spring National Art Camp Srinagar,
- Canvas Artist Patna Residency-cum-Exhibition,
- Department of Art, culture and Youth Government of Bihar, First State Level Art Exhibition Lalit Kala Akademi,


- Bihar Lalit Kala Akademi Painting Exhibition,


- Baroda March at Museum Gallery Mumbai,


- Hub Art Show, Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda,


- Sheesha Art Show, Trends of contemporary Indian art ,
- To Japan from Baroda, Exhibition Hall, Faculty of Fine Arts,


- Tathagat at Faculty of Fine Arts M.S University,


- Multitudes (a fragment still signals to a loss of promised totality) Group Exhibition held at Durbar Hall Art Center,
- Group show Max Mueller Bhavan,


- Solo Show at Sarjan Art Gallery,


- Sandarbh Six month Residency Workshop and International Art Workshop,


- Visiting Lecturer, Patna Art and Craft Collage,
-Group show of Drawing and Painting in the Abhayashraya Centre for Visual Arts,


- Group Exhibition by “Art Works”,


- Group Exhibition, Birla Centre of Arts, Mumbai
- Group Exhibition of Serigraphy at Art Core,


- Group Exhibition with “Orange Group of Artist” in Rangbhoomi Gallery
- Display of works, Faculty of Fine Arts,


- Exhibition of Celebrate 50 years of Independence, Faculty of Fine Arts Vadodara,


- A.I.S.F.A.C.S. Drawing Exhibition, New Delhi,


- The Gujarat State Lalit Kala Akademi Annual Exhibition
- The Mumbai Art Society Exhibition, Mumbai,


- Group Show of Drawing and Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts
- The Mumbai Art Society Exhibition, Mumbai,


- South Central Zone, Exhibition of Painting, Sculpture & Graphics, Nagpur, Maharashtra.
- Drawing and Painting Workshop conducted by Scottish Artist Alison Harper, Faculty of Fine Arts
- Workshop of Clay Sculpture conducted by Jean Louis Raymond Visiting Artist from France,
Faculty of Fine Arts
- Rajasthan State Lalit Kala Academy Annual Exhibition, Jaipur,


- South Central Zone, Exhibition of Painting, Sculpture & Graphics
- The Mumbai Art Society Exhibition, Mumbai
- The Gujarat State Lalit Kala Akademi Annual Exhibition of Graphic Print
- The Mumbai Art Society Awards in Painting,


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