Ravi S Thakur

The world is an illusion or reality or something different from this illusion and reality, don't know.... it is an experience that matters and feelings that make us unique. As Bhagwat Geeta says, ' Change is the rule of life.' Everything should flow, and we see that everything migrates on this planet, the time migrates, people migrate, situations change, everything changes every second. I am Ravi Thakur and I am a migrator. In life and in the art field, I understand art and life from my point of view. Being from Bihar, I have seen migration and emotions attached to them from my childhood, we Biharis migrate to the whole country due to several reasons. We live in groups, are attached very emotionally to our families and society, these emotions have become a part of our culture. I try to express my realizations on my canvases. Generally, I work on every size as we people from Bihar can fit ourselves anywhere. Every color medium is unique to me, I choose my colors emotionally, and my compositions try to reflect my inner emotions. I had done my bachelor's from Rajasthan and traveled a lot. Painting is an excellent medium for me to express myself, so I am just learning, revealing, and migrating forward in life.


23 October 1992


- Master In Fine Arts In Painting, 2019
- Bachelor Of Visual Arts, 2017



- Awarded In Amity University,

2012, 2013

- 1St prize In District Painting Competition,

Group Shows


- Indian Art Fair, Delhi

- Kala Mangal State Young Artist, Lalit Kala Academy, Patna

- Kala Spandan Art Fair, Nehru Center, Mumbai

- Shubhank, Canaries Art Gallery, Indore


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