Ravi S Thakur

The world is an illusion or a reality or something different from this illusion and reality, don't know.... it is an experience that matters and feelings that makes us special. as the bhagwat geeta says " parivartan sansar ka niyam hai".everything should must flow and we see that everything migrates on this planet, the time migrates, people migrates, situations changes, everything changes every second. i am ravi thakur is a migrator. in life and in art field, i am understanding art and life from my point of view. being from bihar i have seen migration and emotions attached to them from my childhood, we biharis migrate to the whole country due to a number of reasons. we live in groups, are attached very emotionally to our families and society, these emotions have become a part of our culture i try to express my realisations on my canvases. generally i work on every sizes as we people from bihar can fit ourselves anywhere. every colour medium is special to me, i choose my colours emotionally and my compositions try to reflect my inner emotions had done my bachelors from rajasthan travels a lot and painting is a great medium for me to express myself, so i am just learning, expressing, and migrating forward in life.


23 October 1992


- Master In Fine Arts In Painting, 2019
- Bachelor Of Visual Arts, 2017



- Awarded In Amity University,

2012, 2013

- 1St prize In District Painting Competition,

Group Shows


- Indian Art Fair ,Delhi

- Kala Mangal State Young Artist,Lalit Kala Academy, Patna
- Kala Spandan Art Fair,Nehru Center ,Mumbai
- Shubhank,Canaries Art Gallery, Indore


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