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It is about an Indian family and traditions ,no matter how different they are from each other, still there is some kind of force,a bond that unites them.


My works are basically portrayal of my own self, my emotions, thoughts and what i perceive about society. visually, my works show a ‘play’ of already existing motifs. comic interests me the most. instead of direct representation of reality, i suggest my idea by means of powerful symbols. i use ‘card pop-outs’ and ‘ puppets’ as metaphors for showing hierarchy between the rulers and the oppressed and also the gender inequality in our society. i assign these characters with different roles and juxtapose them to convey my idea. the king and queen are, of course, the rulers while puppets are the common man. thus, there is a mixture of ‘real’ and ‘unreal’ . my paintings look as if telling a story, making my work ‘narrative’. they represent moments that can be very different from each other, but each of them shows a mood and narrates an experience, ‘a story’. whether that story is about myself or our society.

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Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 66.0 W x 42.0 H inch
Subject : Card Life
Style : Conceptual, Contemporary

Original Art, Only Piece

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