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This great Mughal Emperor [Akbar] was illiterate; he could neither read nor write. However, that had not stopped Akbar from cultivating the acquaintance of the most learned and cultured poets, authors, musicians, and architects of the time - relying solely on his remarkable memory during conversations with them.


 Ravinder Dutt's work is nostalgic in nature and contemporizes the institutions and essence of the Mughal Empire and British Raj which once existed, traveling through time as a time traveler. It is also at times a satire on the society though coated in the grandeur of the era. The love for the city of Delhi, the quest for his family roots, and the lost monuments can be seen in his works and is a tribute to the culture of the subcontinent. His works also try to find answers to whether we are all recycled as living beings. The artist feels that he is 300 years old as he has lived the experiences of the 19th century by way of stories from his elders, was born in the 20th century, and living in the contemporary world of technology of the 21st. His works are a culmination of immense research and travel, memories, myths, legends, family albums, and most importantly his family history hailing from the cities of Sialkot, Lahore, Srinagar, and Delhi; and also talks about the stories of partition. He assumes the role of a time traveler to create his artworks which is an extension of his "being". Read More


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Paintings Large Original Artwork for Room



Size : 41 W x 41 H inch
Subject : Time Traveler
Style : Mix-Media with Digital

Original Art, Only Piece

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