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The title of this conceptual painting is TAPASYA which means "generation of heat & energy". This painting is made with acrylic on canvas, this work is a conceptual painting based on meditation and spirituality.


Deepali was born on the day of Diwali on the 29th Oct. 1989 with the disability of deafness. In 1992 she got her first hearing aids which gave her the facility to hear only loud sounds though unclear sounds. After about 3 years her younger sister was born with the same disability. Thus she might not be given full attention in her studies. With the help of these hearing aids, we could not imagine her studies a long way. but her hard work and dedication was the only keynote that took her ahead gradually. In this process of education in normal schools with normal students, it was very challenging. As the classmates were not ready to accept her with this disability. But Deepali was ready to accept this challenge also and completed the senior secondary exam. Hindi medium with first division. in between, she got cochlear implant surgery in the year 2008, which provided her better hearing and speech ability. Now she was ready for a new assignment with the admission in ICG  college, Jaipur for graduation in English medium. She not only completed the bachelor of visual arts (painting) in first division with third place in college but also completed the master of visual arts (painting) with a silver medal from IIS University in 2015. This gave her immense confidence and energy to elevate her personality. In the year 2017, she got second cochlear implant surgery in the second ear to support her listening now it is easier for her to understand and communicate with others. in these years she organized various solo exhibitions and numerous group shows in the various cities of India and abroad at international levels. her paintings are very much original thematically and are praised by eminent artists as well as critics. Her ambition is to see herself as a famous and eminent artist in this field for better status. She faced a long struggle in her life and now supporting not only her younger sister in this field but is promoting some other disabled persons who are keen interested in art. Despite the disability of hearing impairment, she decided to do something extraordinary to convert her weakness into the strength of life through this art form. in her studies, she was influenced by the surreal art of various artists such as Pablo Picasso, Andre Breton, Joan Miro, Paul Klee, Marcel Duchamp, and Salvador Dali of surrealism. She says “painting only is the best way to express her inner feelings and dreams.” so her style of painting is the amalgamation of surreal art and realistic art. her imagination and irrational juxtaposition of images dominate her paintings with linear work in figuration. she uses generally threads to express the foundations of this world in various forms.

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Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 36.0 W x 48.0 H inch
Subject : Meditator Sadhu
Style : Conceptual, Surrealism

Original Art, Only Piece

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