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The picture tribal youth is an integral part of my black-white picture series. The picture reveals the new bravery of the traditional youth and its human values, the inclusion of the folk art and the tribal picture Shelio is the main focus of this picture. With an intuitive depiction in my picture technic, a wonderful mix of nature and tradition reveals modern and contemporary new forms. The beauty of the male with the display of bravery and the display of tribal ornaments of male gives this picture the surface.


Black and white characters have been used in the artifacts i painted, the black character displays the eternal, and the white character begins to be born in the eternal darkness, the creation of human life and beautiful nature creation can be seen. my composition seems to be establishing a relationship between them, in today's era, ancient civilizations and culture are becoming dark in darkness; i tried to make a natural representation, giving the same human civilization and culture a new look and shape. is. giving our current life and civilization a white look and displaying unique culture of ancient culture and civilization in the shyam varna, meeting new curiosity, new thinking, new utopatti. the effect of artistic, social, modern and contemporary art has been visible on my picture panels, nature creation has been appreciated in tangible and immortal. shyam - the expression of satyam shivam sundaram in my illustrations painted in white painting series has been my inspiration and eagerness.

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Medium : Ink on Paper - Framed
Size : 5.0 W x 7.5 H inch
Subject : Tribal Men
Style : Conceptual

Original Art, Only Piece

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