I am working with mixed media works especially forms from nature. These have been an

important and recurring motif in my works. Through these, I would like to depict my personal

thoughts. The themes are based entirely on human emotions and feelings of day to day life and

moods. I could understand and appreciate the linear decorative aspects as well as the rhythmic

articulation of form in defining and narrating conceptual ideas. My work is captured dreams,

colorful, simple, and evocative, they capture the spirit of urban and rural India in all its glory, the

beauty of nature, graceful figure of a city and village lass, a visage that is full of surprise and

coyness which appears to steal a desire from the encapsulated frame to captivate the spectator.

I weave my works with colors that speak silently, beckoning the viewer to an inner world of

magic that lulls and soothes the spirit. All my works capture the spirit of humanity, and

simultaneously along with all this I always liked to experiment with new material to achieve

required effects. My work is related deeply to nature and shows in shapes and forms. My

compositions and forms create a mysterious image out of glorious nature. There is a sense

of mystery all around in nature in all its beauty and glory. I have tried to capture these aspects of

my works. Read More

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Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 24.0 W x 72.0 H inch
Subject : Expression
Style : Pop art

Original Art, Only Piece

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