Amit Kalla

Amit Kalla

I specialize in Ancient Indian Art (Iconography). My primary focus is to observe children's response to art mediums while working as a freelance artist and writer. Since then I have published four critically acclaimed collections. I have participated in 14 solo shows, more than 100  prestigious group shows, such as; Art Singapore, OZ Asia Festival Australia, International Writers Meet UAE. My poems and drawings are widely published in many contemporary Indian literary journals and magazines. Being one of the assistant coordinators of the Kritya International Poetry Festival since 2008, I have been deeply engaged in various art and literary promotional programs. Part of a movement inclined towards social change through creativity, which I initiated in 2010. 

Through a deep connection to a cultural expression of universal spirituality and a passionate sense of humanity, I continuously draw people together from all different communities into acts of creativity having the belief that,  through creativity people are empowered, and communities move incrementally closer to the truth. While the poems create a secretive world of words, where silence speaks, and arts are calligraphic and draw on the same silent unknowing of invented texts. My paintings represent moments on the continuum. A slice snatched from my more profound hidden journey. The strength of my work is that it represents an Artist's quest for an indigenous tenor rather than a superficial inventory of native motifs. There is nothing about my work that relies on a static Indian identity. In the context of the new India, with its glamour and explosive economics, I'm searching for a unique representation of the personal dramas of culture while maintaining universality and individuality. There is a certain naivety in all my work, be it painting or writing, which represents detachment but contains to a knowing gesture of assurance.




Set In Visual Arts, 2014 
U.G.C .Net In Visulal Arts, 2012
Master Of Fine Arts (Visualization), 2002
Bachelors In Visual Arts (Applied Arts), 2000


Joiner Research Fellowship, Ministry Of Culture, Govt. Of India.

Rachna Samman, JFJS, Jodhpur City, India.

Certificate Of Achievements; Group Of Art Vision, India.


- Prafulla Dahanukar; Kalaanand Jaipur City, India.


Vani Samagam Samman; Rajasthan Kabiryatra, Jaipur City, India.


Srajan Samman; International Art & Poetry Festival, Dubai City, UAE. 


Prakritisamman; Jamshedpur City, India.


Maru Parampara Puraskar, Government of India, India.

Satya Shanti Samman, Government of India, India.

Bharatiya Jnanpith Navlekhan Puraskar For Poetry Collection, Government of India, India.

Solo Shows

Teri, IHC, New Delhi City, India.

- Saa Art Gallery, J.N.U, New Delhi City, India.

J.K.K, Jaipur City, India.

Nehru Center, Mumbai City, India.

Sudarshan Art Gallery, Bikaner City, India.

- Canvas Art Gallery, New Delhi City, India.

J.K.K, Jaipur City, India. 
National Youth Conclave, Darbhanga, Bihar City, India. 

Art Asia; Singapore City.

Abhivyakti; Dubai City and  Sharjah City, UAE.

Govt.Art Center; Trivandrum City, India.

Oz Asia Festival; Adelaide City, Australia.


- Omag; Bhubaneswar City, India.

Ritke Rang; Jkk, Jaipur City, India.

Vyakta Avyakta; Lalit Kala Academy, Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi City, India.


Transcendent Forms, Iconart Gallery, Hyderabad.


- Art Asia; Seoul Kintex, South Korea.

- Xucun International Festival; Shiyung City, China.


- Sisters Sangam; Adelaide City, Australia.

- Xucun International Festival; Shiyung City, China.



Apparao Galleries The Lodhi Hotel, New Delhi City, India. 

Gallery Klub Fankar; Ujjain City, India.

- Prakriti; Hazaribagh Forest Division, India.

- Art Asia; Seoul Kintex, South Korea.

- Rang Prasang; Gulmohar Greens, Lucknow City, India.

- Yariyaen; Gufa Art Gallery, Ahmedabad City, India.

- Oscillation; Hotel Fairmount, Jaipur City, India.

- Mozarto; Art Show, India.

- Studio 3; Chennai City, India.

- Efax 3 Rd Annual Art Exhibition; Jodhpur City, India.

- National Art Camp, Display, Nayakwada, Nashirabad City, India.

- Project Studio Extension, Urmul Trust, Bajju, Bikaner City, India.

- Visual Dialogue, Cannery’s Art Foundation, Indore City, India.

- Gulal Gallery; Kolkata City, India.

- Sambhar Festival, Sambhar Lake, India.

- International Kala Mela,( DSKP ), IGNCA, New Delhi City, India.

- Project Studio Extension, University Of Rajasthan, India.

- Vishwaroopa; Birla Academy, Kolkata City, India.

- Anuvritti; Shivduttsmarak, Jodhpur City, India.


- Annual Exhibition; Sahitya Kala Parishad, Lka, New Delhi City, India.

- Sisters Sangam; Jaipur Art Summit, Jaipur City, India.

- Hope;  Kala Sort Art Gallery, Lucknow City, India.

- Rang Prasang; Gulmohar Greens, Lucknow City, India.

- Sisters Sangam; City Palace, Jaipur City, India.

- Message Of the Mahatma; Raea, Jaipur City, India.

- Chiaroscuro; Samanvai Art Gallery, Jaipur City, India.

- RDSM; Jabalpur City, India.

- Spandan; RLKA, Jaipur City, India.

- Expositation; Pag, RLKA, Jaipur City, India.

- Remaining Colors; Hungarian Information and Cultural Center, New Delhi City, India.


- Sutra Art Gallery; WI, USA.

- Artisan Art Gallery; New Delhi City, India.

- Annual Show; Rajasthan Lalit Kala, Jaipur City, India.

- Installation Art; Nine Square, Heritage Diggi Palace, Jaipur City, India.

- Haute Art Curry; Gallery Kolkata, Kolkata City, India.

- Gallery Shine Empire; New Delhi City, India.

- Kaksparsh; Visual Art Gallery, IHC, New Delhi City, India.

- Spandan; Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur City, India.

- Helical Spring ICA Gallery, Jaipur City, India.

- Anantyatra; (Nirvana Art),Visual Art Gallery, IHC, New Delhi City, India.

- Rup–Arup; Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur City, India.

- ArtScape; Kalaneri Art Gallery, Jaipur City, India.

- All India Exhibition, AIFAC, New Delhi City, India.

- Jaipur Art Summit, Jaipur City, India.


- CVM Art Exhibition; Anand, Gujarat, India.

- Imago Mundi Art Project; Italy.

- Annual Show; Rajasthan Lalit Kala, Jaipur City, India.

- Scapes And Landscapes; Art World Gallery, Chennai City, India.

- D C Art Gallery; Bijvasan, New Delhi City, India.

- Geaty Art Gallery; Shimla City, India.

- Mélange, Mool Foundation, Jaipur City, India.

- Confluence 15; Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi City, India.

- Jairangam; Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur City, India.

- Metamorphoses; Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi City, India.

- Sagunnirgun Rangayan Gallery; Chitnavis Art Center, Nagpur City, India.


- Son Aviral; Dala, Sonbhadra City, India.

- KTA Art Gallery; Allahabad City, India.

- Art Word Gallery; Chennai City, India.

- Expression 2011; DPS, Jodhpur City, India.


- Painting & Poetry Poster; Fahya, Sharjah City, UAE.

- International Art Festival; Mumbai-13 Aks Art Gallery & Pl Deshpande Gallery, Mumbai City, India.

- International Art Festival; Mumbai-13, At Coomaraswamy Museum, Mumbai City, India.

- Art For Uttrakhand; Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi City, India.

- International Poetry Festival Kritya;  MGAHV, Wardha City, India


- Artistic Extensions; AKS Art Gallery, Andhari, Mumbai City, India.

- A Music Of Moods; AIFACS, New Delhi City, India.

- International Mask Exhibition; New Delhi City,  Bhopal City (India) and  Italy.

- Reflect; Art Space Gallery, Adelaide City,Australia.

- Reflect Back; Jalap Mohalla, Jodhpur City, India.

- Painting & Poetry Poster;  Dushyant Kumar Museum, Bhopal City, India.


- Rajasthan Kabiryatra, Bikaner City, India.


- Punjab Art Council Chandigarh;  NCZCC, Allahabad City, India.

- Nostalgia; Shankar Deokalakshetra, Assam, India.


- Abhivyakti;  LKK Lucknow City, India.

- National Contemporary Artist Camp Nczcc, Chittrakut, India.

- Drizzles Of Colours; Tilting Art Gallery, Ishanya Mall, Pune City, India.

- Space; Conclave On Excellence, India.

- Wandering Seer; Jkk, Jaipur City, India.

- Lines From, Jkk, Jaipur City, India


- Russian Center; New Delhi City, India.

- What Creates Life; Art Hub, Vadodara City, India.

- Aspirationâstudio Vasant , New Delhi City, India.

- Hotel Hyatt Residency, New Delhi City, India.

- Gen Next 3; Aakriti Art Gallery, Kolkata City, India.


- Seven Strokes; Academy Of Fine Arts & Literature, New Delhi City, India.

- Nithari; The Aftermath, Canvas Art, New Delhi City, India in 2007.

- Ananya Iii; N.I.T Art Gallery, Nagpur City, India.

- Athens Art Gallery, Greece.


- BAll India Artist Exhibition, Amritsar City, India.

- Mocha; Art & Soul, New Delhi City, India.

- Studio Vasant, New Delhi City, India.

- All India Artist Exhibition, Allahabad City, India.

- Different Lines; Drawing Show, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi City, India.


- Kala Mela, J.K.K, Jaipur City, India.

- Heart & Soul Gallery, New Delhi City, India.


- Ankan; J.K.K, Jaipur City, India.

- Fusion 22-Abhinav Art Gallery, Jammu, India.

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