Chhavi Sharma

Chhavi Sharma

I was born on 27th April 1992 with the disability of deafness. When I turned one, I got my  first hearing aids to cope up with this disability. I never felt the deficiency, and with hard work and dedication, I educated at the senior secondary high school. Even though facing various challenges, I never felt disheartened about my problems and tried to be top in every event of school education. After completing school with the first division, I got admission in the prestigious ICG College in Jaipur City, for further studies in bachelor of visual arts. I not only completed the Bachelor of Visual Arts in first division with second place in College, but also finished the Masters of Visual Arts with a gold medal from IIS University in 2018. During my College days, I was influenced by the cubism in which I blended the realism very beautifully. Expressions are found boldly in my paintings, which conveys the inner feelings with facial expressions. My  color palate is very impressive, as well as the subjects of the paintings. Tiny creatures attract me and become the subject of my paintings.


27 APRIL 1993


Bachelor Of Visual Arts In Painting 

Masters In Visual Arts In Painting

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