Deepali Sharma

Deepali Sharma

I was born on the day of Diwali, an auspicious festival in India, on the 29th October 1989 with the disability of deafness. In 1992 I got the first hearing aids. After about three years, my  younger sister, Chhavi was also born with the same disability. My hard work and dedication were the only keynote that took me ahead gradually, and I was prepared to take this challenge  and completed the senior secondary school exam. Later, I got admission in the prestigious ICG College in  Jaipur City for graduation in English medium. I not only completed the Bachelor of Visual Arts in first division with third place in college, but also finished with the Masters of Visual Arts  with a silver medal from IIS University in 2015. Over the years, I have participated in various solo exhibitions and numerous group shows across India and abroad at International levels. My paintings are very much original thematically and are praised by eminent artists as well as critics. During my College days, I  was influenced by the surreal art of various artists such as Pablo Picasso, Andre Breton, Joan Miro, Paul Klee, Marcel Duchamp and Salvador Dali of surrealism. Hence, my  style of painting is the amalgamation of surreal art and realistic art. My imagination and irrational juxtaposition of images dominate the paintings with linear work in figuration. I generally use threads to express the foundations of this world in various forms.


29 October 1989


Bachelors Of Visual Arts
Masters In Visual Arts  


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