Manoj Darekar

Manoj Darekar

My art work is very closely related to human psychology. It is based on a phenomenon called ‘Pareidolia’. Which means I see ‘Faces’ in whatever I see. Be it humans or not humans, living or non living, mobile or immobile.We’re humans constantly speak to ourselves inside our minds. Everyone speaks to themselves in the language of their choice. I speak to myself in form of ‘Faces’! These faces are largely dependent on my emotions. I see calm and relaxed faces when I’m at peace. Conversely, I see furious and frightening faces when I’m not. I’m developing the visual language of my art work based on this i.e. Pareidolia and emotions. Hence I said earlier that my art work is closely related to human psychology. While thinking of this, I often travel back in time and get back all the old visual memories,even those, which are hidden deep down in a dark corner of my heart. This visual world is as magical to me as the ‘Parallel Universe of the Boy Wizard’. This magical world is where I find inspiration for all my art work !.


9th May 1992


- Set In Visual Arts, 2014
- Bachelor of Fine Art Painting with 1st Class, 2015-2016
- • Master of Fine Art Painting 1st Class with Distinction, 2017-2018


Won 2nd prize in Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Fine Art, Pune 2013-14.

Won 2nd prize in Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Fine Art, Pune 2014-2015.

Won 1 st prize in Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Fine Art, Pune 2015-2016.

Selection in Camel all india art exhibition 2014-2015.

Merit Award in Artist's Centre, Mumbai. 2017.

City Award in Prafulla Dahanukar Kalanand Art Competition. 2017.

Solo Shows

Participation in Pune Biennale 2014-2015.

Print making workshop in Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Fine art, Pune 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.

National level Painting workshop, Bomabay Art Socity, Kankavli.2015-16.

Participation in Kochi Biennale (Student's Biennale) 2016-2017.

Art camp at Avanti kalagram organized by sdee creation,pune,2020.

Lalit Kala Acadamy,ART CAMP,Art matters,Bengalore – 2020.

Group Shows

Camel all india art exhibition 2014-2015, at Neharu Centre, Mumbai.

Mini Print Art exhibition 2014-2015, at Goa.

Ritu Rang” Tulika Art Gallery, 2015-2016,Pune.

Monsoon Show at Jahangir Art Gallery, 2016-2017.Mumbai.

125th Bombay Art Society Exhibition, 2016-2017. Jahangir Art Gallery,Mumbai.Mumbai.

Annual Exhibition oF Artist’s Centre,2016-2017,Mumbai.

“Art through Generation” at Albert Hall Museum, 2017, Jaipur.Mumbai.

“ Midnight Dreams" at Art Entrance Gallery, 2017, Mumbai.

“Sonder" at Darpan Art Gallery, 2018, Pune.

“Limpid" at P.N. Gadgil and Sons Store’s art Gallery, 2018, Pune.

“India at Large” at ICA gallery,Jaipur,2019.

“Rangasutra” at panchouli, Jaipur,2019.


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