Srikant Lalasaheb Kadam

Srikant Lalasaheb Kadam

When I look back at my art journey, it started with realistic art and later it turned into abstract art. Nature has been my inspiration and the change of season brings a palette of textures and the light variants, naturally occurring sounds making the vibrations change too. These observations and changes of nature take me to a different level and I constantly wonder and get into the depth of nature to get more ideas and motivations. My constant desire is to hunt and get more experience with nature, and that is my palette of spontaneity. When one stands at the peak of the mountain and experience the infinite firmament, that is what my paintings are all about. The freedom of strokes is my creativity and ingenuity. I try to transform nature through my imagination and portray it in my special manner, making it a treasure of mystery, secrets, and beauty. I constantly try to assimilate things like size, space, image, texture, and colors as they state my thoughts on canvas, this unending treasure of nature and me. This dialogue takes me places to deliver new shapes and forms, the seen and unseen colors of nature and surroundings. The fresh and pleasant colors in nature motivate me. In abstract paintings, as colors play an important part, and when I start to paint, I first communicate with the space on canvas and try to make a connection with it, observe it and at the spur of the moment my inner soul inspires me to paint a particular color, and that leads me to the discrete statement of art for the day. Colors lead to the shapes and some time shapes bring the colors on the canvas. The colors run through the canvas the art starts interacting with me and guides me where to stop. I trail with them and always try to paint with what I have experienced from life, that gives me the joy of connecting to that divine, lucid, and uncompromising bliss. It also helps in strengthening my coloration, without the direct imitation of nature, where I try to find my soul of nature, at the same time self-realization too. A formless nature with the divine feeling….


31 December 1973


- A.T.D. - Directorate Of Art,1992
- G.D. Art (Ptg) Directorate Of Art 3Rd In Maharashtra & 1St In Pune, 1995
- Dip.A.Ed. - 1996
- Bachelor Of Fine Arts (Ptg), 2008
- Master Of Fine Arts (Ptg), 2010


- CSlok Award, Pune,

- Atur Foundation Award, Pune,

- 1St Prize In Poster Competition Organized By Pune Corporation,
- 2Nd Award - S.C.Z.C.C., Nagpur,
- Maharashtra State Art Exhibition Award,

1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
- Br. V.V. Oak Prize, Pune,

- 1St Award In Portrait, Kala Pushpa, Sangli
- Annual Exhibition Award Sir J.J. School Of Art Mumbai,
- 2Nd Award- On The Spot Portrait Competition, Mudra Kala Niketan, Vashi,
- 1St Award- On The Spot Portrait Competition & On The Spot Landscape Consolation Prize, Kalashri Art School, Sangamner,

1995, 1996, 2003, 2005
- Bombay Art Society, Mumbai

1994, 95
- Mood Indigo, Mumbai

- Best Watercolor Entry Award, Nashik Kala Niketan

- 2Nd Award- On The Spot Portrait Competition, Nasik
- The Art Society Of India, Mumbai

1993, 94, 95
- 9 Awards In Annual Exhibition & Painting Competition In Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune


- Mystery Of Colours', Art 2 Day Gallery, Pune, 2015

- Airaawat Art Gallery, Mumbai

- Waves Art Gallery, Pune

- Suchitrra Art Gallery, Mumbai,
- Pradarshak Art Gallery, Mumbai,
- Studio Nepean Art Gallery, Mumbai

- Gallery Art 2 Day, Pune,

- Vaishwik Art Environment, Pune,


- Gallery Hussein, Pune,

2003, 2008, 2013, 2018
- Jehangir Art Mumbai,

- Gallery ‘Art Walk’ Hotel Oberai, Mumbai,

- Khushboo Art Pune,


- Manson Show Sponsored By Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai,
- Manson Show Sponsored By Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai,
- Varsha Manson Show Sponsored By Y. B. Chavan Center, Mumbai,
- N.C.P.A., Mumbai

- Invited - Bombay Art Soc. Lalit Kala Academy, Pangim (Goa)


- Dhoomimal Art Gallery, New Delhi,
- K -7 Sanskruti Art Gallery, New Delhi-

1997, 2003 ,2004, 2005, 2007, 2009
- Nag Foundation & Surbhi Nag Art Festival, Pune


- Festival Paintings’, Café Sunrise, Pune

- Affordable Art, Nehru Center, Mumbai,
- Harmony Group Show Balgandharva Kaladalan, Pune,
- Revolution Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

- Contemporary Arts’, Taj Blue Diamond- Organized By Mystic Art Gallery, Pune

- Kalakshetra Art Gallery, Guwahati, (Assam)

- Trio Nehru Center Art Gallery, Mumbai,
- Trio Inn Galleria, Hotel Holiday, Pune,
- Trio Alliance Francaise De, Pangim, Goa
- Trio - Darpan Art Gallery, Pune

- Apparition Art Exhibition, Balgandharva Kaladalan, Pune,

- Jiyo Hajaro Sal Studio S, Pune & Bangalore,
- Mystic Stokes, Taj Blue Diamond- Organized By Mystic Art Gallery, Pune,
- Chatak 2004, Monsoon Show, Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai

- Tribute To Late Jangarh Singh Shyam’- All India Young Artist Exhibition- Balgandharva Kaladalan, Pune,
- Anubhav Art Festival, Ftii, Pune- Designed By Amorphous Circle, Pune,
- The Artists Summit, Qumine Club, Dhule,
- Pride Of Maharashtra - India Art Gallery, Pune

- 5Th Anniversary Celebration Show- India Art Gallery, Pune,
- All India Exhibition Of Art, College Of Arts & Crafts, Patna, Organized By Virgo Art Gallery, Patna,
- Deccan Contemporary Show - L.K.A. New Delhi
- The Watercolour Show’- India Art Gallery, Pune

- Deccan Contemporary Show - Hyderabad,
- Birla Academy Of Arts, Calcutta,
- A Point & Line To Plane Iv, Gallery Beyond, Mumbai

- Ruchikas Art Gallery, Goa,
- Art Sai Bijoux, Pune,
- All India Painting Exhibition, Royal Western India Trust Club & Art 2 Day Gallery, Pune
- Perfect Lines, Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi Organized By Easel Art Gallery, New Delhi
- Lines Beyond, Easel Art Gallery, New Delhi

2008, 2009
- Jammat Art Gallery, Mumbai,

- Art Fusion- Nehru Center Art Gallery, Mumbai,
- With In The Square- Point Of View Art Gallery, Mumbai,
- Group Show - Mumbai Cricket Association, Mumbai,
- Art World Art Gallery, Hyderabad

- 50 Artists Painting Exhibition’-Y. B. Chavan Art Gallery, Organized By Samvad Pune


- Painting Exhibition’- Ray Art Gallery, Pune,
- From Pune With Love’, Tilting Art Gallery, Pune,
- Golden Jubilee Of Maharashtra Art Exhibition’, New Art Gallery Organized By Sahyadri Lalit Kala Pratishthan, Pune

- Untitled’ - Chandigarh,
- Contemporary Delight’- Jaipur,
- Flash 2012 - Group Show, Ark Gallery, Pune
- Flowering Cultures’, Contemporary From India (Luciano Benetton Collection) Organized By Gallery One, New Delhi

- Mohor’- Pune Biennale, Pune,
- A Point & Line To Plane Ix’- Beyond Art Gallery, Mumbai,
- Pratibimba’- All India Art Exhibition, Museum Of Fine Arts, Monasollasa In Collaboration With The Department Of Art History, Chandigarh,
- Artistic Extensions’- Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi,
- Art Exhibition, Mirror Art Gallery, Aurangabad

- ‘Urban Cartographer’- Beyond Art Gallery, Mumbai
- Anniversary Show, Pradarshak Art Gallery, Mumbai


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